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William Sauber, pianist, was a winner in the 1927 Walter W. Naumburg Foundation competition.

He made his New York debut as a Naumburg winner on April 10, 1928 in Town Hall. His program included: the Bach-Liszt Organ Fantasie and Fugue in G minor, Schumann's Symphonique Etudes, four works by Chopin, Debussy's Reflets dans L'Eau, Gruenberg's Ragtime Fragment, Stojowski's Valse Impromptu, and Liszt's Polonaise in E major.

Review Excerpts from his concert:

The Telegram, April 11, 1928

Recital by William Sauber, Winner of Naumburg Prize

"William Sauber did not hide his talent in a napkin, but spread it out for the pubic delectation in a piano recital at the Town Hall last evening. An audience of good size was on hand for this beguerdoned emergence, and their was plenty of highly encouraging applause.

Mr. Sauber opened proceedings with the transcription by Liszt of Bach's G minor organ fantasie and fugue. This was a lucky choice, for in the fugue the young pianist disclosed a finger technique as clean as his German intimations of his surname, a sure sense of rhythm, and an ability to present the polyphonic web without either slighting or snapping any of the strands. Here was a disclosure of real artistic promise.

Mr. Sauber had shown in the course of his riotous expedition through the hills and vales of Schumann and Chopin that he is capable of tone which is limpid and beautiful as well as of admantine wrought and sung, of richly asounding chords." Pitts Sanborn

New York Times, April 11, 1928

William Sauber Stirs Audience

"William Sauber, newest winner of a Walter Naumburg Foundation prize and its ensuing public debut, made his first appearance at the Town Hall last evening before a large audience that remained after his program ended, demanding encorres. His list was indeed a test for head and hands. Mr. Sauber's performance throughout was n broad lines, brilliant, emotional, communicative, youthful in strength and well grounded in technique. He was heartily applauded at the close."

New York American, April 11, 1928

Prize Winner in Recital

"William Sauber, who gave a piano recital at Town Hall last night, was the successful competitor for the Walter W. Naumburg Musical Foundation prize. His keyboard was demonstrated in the Bach-Liszt Fantasie and Fugue in G minor, Schumann's Etudes Symphoniques, four pieces by Chopin, and other works by Debussy, Stojowski, Gruenberg and Liszt.

He has a creditable command of technic and a style of intrepretation that leans more to the romantic and sentimental than to the robust and vigorous.

The hall was completely filled with a friendly and appreciative audience."


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