Paula Lenchner



Competition Winner

Born: March 30, 1925 (Vienna, Austria)

Died: January 6, 2011 (Saarbrucken, Germany)

Paula Lenchner, soprano, was from Austria and was a regular performer at the Metropolitan Opera from 1947 to 1953. She also performed at Bayreuth for 3 seasons, appearing in smaller roles: Wellgunde, Gerhilde, Flowermaiden, Knappe. Other companies she performed with in Germany were Stadttheater von Breman, Stuttgart State Opera and Stadttheater von Mainz.

Paul Lenchner was the winner of a Naumburg Award in 1945.

Excerpt from The New York Times review, November 28, 1945

Naumburg Winner Gives Song Recital

Paula Lenchner, Soprano, in First Program at Town Hall -- offers Babin's 'Ritual'

"Paula Lenchner, young soprano, gave yesterday afternoon her Town Hall debut recital as a 1945 winner of the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation Award. Opening with seventeenth-century group, the program continued with songs by Schubert, Granados, Paul Nordoff and Victor Babin and closed with a Brahms group.

Miss Lenchner revealed a voice of fine quality, rich and full, with some exceedingly lovely tones... she revealed the possibilities of great Lieder singing, and already her performance, especially in the concluding Brahms group, was such as to deserve high praise. Schubert's "Der Musensohn" was one of the high points, combining admirable technique and a warmth of depth of musical feeling." R.L.


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