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Competition Winner

Violinist Nancy Cirillo was named a winner of the 1955 Walter W. Naumburg Foundation. She began playing the violin at age 4. In the late 1950's she toured with the Boston Concert Ensemble. Cirillo appeared on the Young Masters series in New York.

Among schools that she taught at were Wellesley and the New England Conservatory.

Excerpt from The New York Times review, October 7, 1959

Miss Cirillo Plays Fine Violin Recital

"Miss Cirillo's playing yesterday confirmed the good impression made by the young artist at her debut in 1955...The most obvious merit of her playing is its sheer sound. Miss Cirillo's fine singing tone is always a delight to hear. Even at its most impassioned, her playing has intensity without being violin playing of superior quality." J.R.

Excerpt from The New York Times review, March 19, 1975

Cirrillo Retains Lyricism on Violin

Exceptional Style and Purity Unchange after 20 years

"has been recognized as a violinist with an exceptionally lyric style. In her recital in Alice Tully Hall...the lyricism remained an important part of her playing, but there was also a refinement that gave her performances a classical purity. In Mozart's Sonata in G (K.379) and Schubert's Fantasy in C, Miss Cirillo's firm and fastidious phrasing, soft or loud, was perfection against the often ornate role of the piano." Raymond Ericson


1955 Naumburg Competition

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