Lura Stover



Competition Winner

Lura Stover (Dolas), soprano, was a winner of the 1941 Walter W. Naumburg Competition.

Excerpt from The New York Times review, January 27, 1942

Lura Stover, Singer, Gives Debut Recital

Soprano, a Naumburg Award Winner, Heard in Town Hall

"She is a soprano of poised talent, and her knowledge and taste bespeak more experience than most newcomers possess...voice is wide in range. The upper tones are full and free, like a lyric soprano's, the lower tones are darkly colored, like a mezzo-soprano voice...the young soprano has uncommon perception and, in addition, she has been prepared with comprehension. Thus she could range over a fine and varied program, beginning with Elizabethan songs and moving through Wolf, other Lieder, Debussy and a final American group with a command of different styles and epochs. She could be light and graceful, intense and poetic, colorful and humorous.. Miss Stover has the voice and intelligence to go places." H. T.

Recording from the 1950s featuring Lura Stover, soprano


1941 Naumburg Competition

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