Dorothy Kendrick



Competition Winner

Born: (Dallas, Texas)

Dorothy Kendrick studied in Dallas with Louie Boyd Rankin and L. Boris Grant. In 1924, she graduated from the Chicago Musical College with highest honors where she studied with Edward Collins. Following her graduation in Chicago, Ms. Kendrick studied at Juilliard with Josef Lhevinne.

She played with the Orchestral Society and gave many concerts throughout the United States. In 1922, sponsored by the Cable Piano Company, she entertained over KYW and WEBH in Chicago. Ms. Kendrick was later featured in the Baldwin Hour. She performed a soloist with Howard Barlow and the Bamberger Little Symphony.

Her New York debut under the auspices of the Naumburg Foundation took place on January 5, 1928 at Town Hall.  Ms. Kendrick's program included: Mozart's Pastorale Variee, Mendelssohn's Prelude and Fugue, E minor, Schumann's Toccata, Chopin's Sonata in B minor, Debussy's Reflets dans l'eau, Paul Juon's Impromptu, op. 77 and Naiads at the Spring, The Lark by Glinka-Balakeriew, and the Liszt-Busoni Campanella.

Reviews: Town Hall, January 5, 1928

The New York Times

"The opening number revealed a rippling touch and singing tone that brought out the beauty of the music in a way that immediately won favor of her audience. Mendelssohn's Prelude and Fugue in E minor and Schumann's Toccata also gave her an opportunity to display further pleasing qualities of refinement and sensitive feeling."

New York Sun

"Miss Kendrick's tone sang most delightfully. Her fingering was light and of excellent technical polish, and dynamics and color were handled in an intelligent and musical fashion. Her rippling cadenzas and charming use of nuance and color scheme more than satisfied the audience."

The Philadelphia Record

"She played with poise, ease and sureness. Her technique is excellent in its clarity and mastery. She has a remarkable wrist action, and an individual and ingratiating tone quality. Best of all, she has the gift of charm both in her music and in her personality." Samaroff

Herald Tribune

"Technical skill and dexterity, vigor and spirit...A crisp, clean out performance."


1927 Naumburg Competition

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