Dolores Miller



Competition Winner

Dolores Miller, violinist, was named a winner of the 1943 Naumburg Foundation competition.

Excerpt from The New York Times review, December 7, 1943

Dolores Miller Heard

Violinist Gives Recital at Town Hall -- Hambro at the Piano

"Dolores Miller, violinist and a winner of the Naumburg Foundation Prize, gave a recital yesteday afternoon in Town Hall. She played with her pianist, Leonid Hambro, MUS. 3/C, USNR, the Brahms violin sonata in A Major, the Prelude and Fugue from the Bach G minor unaccompanied sonata, the Glazounoff violin concerto and shorter pieeces.

Miss Miller has an exceptionally warm and vibrant tone, a responsive musical nature, and her sincerity and self-effacement were equally evident in the noble and difficult music of Bach and the virtuoso concerto of Glazounoff...the evidence she gave of feeling and of study that sought the depths and not merely the superficial heights of her art was unmistakable, as were the honesty and musical health of her conceptions and her instinct for her instrument." O.D.


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