Daniel Saidenberg



Competition Winner

Born: October 12, 1906 (Winnipeg, Canada)

Died: May 18, 1997 (New York, NY)

Daniel Saidenberg was a cellist, conductor, art gallery owner, and supporter of an annual series of faculty recitals at The Juilliard School. He began his playing career, accompanied by his brother Theodore, a pianist, by playing in movie theaters and tea rooms. From 1919 to 1921 he studied cello with Andre Hekking at the Paris Conservatory and from 1925 - 1930 he attend the Juilliard School of Music. In 1926, he joined the cello section of the Philadelphia Orchestra for three years, joining the Chicago Symphony in 1930. During his time in Chicago, Saidenberg formed the Saidenberg Sinfonietta, which gave monthly concerts and toured the Midwest. From 1930 -1937 he served as head of the cello department at the Chicago Musical College.

In 1927, he was named a winner of the Walter W. Naumburg Competition.

Saidenberg was a guest conductor with the Chicago Symphony, the Cincinnati Symphony and the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 1940, he became conductor of the Alka Seltzer Radio Hour on NBC, and was the artistic director of the Town Hall Music Forum, where he led new music concerts. He also formed a chamber orchestra, the Saidenberg Little Symphony, the resident orchestra at the 92nd Street Y from 1948-1957. He was a founder of the Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, and its music director from 1947 to 1953.

In 1950, Mr. Saidenberg and his wife, Eleanore, founded the Saidenberg Gallery in Manhattan. The gallery displayed works by Picasso, Klee, Braque, Gris, Kandinsky, and Miro. Daniel-Henry Kahnweiller, Picasso's dealer in Paris, appointed them Picasso's representative in North America.

Saidenberg Gallery: 1955 Exhibition of 55 Drawings by Picasso


1927 Naumburg Competition

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